We are a technology company specialized in software and infrastructure solutions.

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Why us

Dedicated to providing the best possible service.

We exist to serve our clients

We are passionate in finding custom-made technology solutions to our client’s problems and helping them grow their business. Their success is our success.

We serve with dedication

We build an agile team which is solely devoted to the project. This ensures complete commitment and single-pointed focus that brings about best technical solutions.

We are dedicated to excellence

We are obsessed with technical details, quality, and performance. We take painstaking care to find the right technology and solutions to deliver a wow effect to our clients.

Our values

Our values are the foundation of our company.

Our core value is perfect knowledge or intelligence (dhi). Right knowledge brings light and clarity. Endowed with compassion, it leads the way to right action. Right action brings right results.

Our employees are our biggest asset. We are driven by love and respect to every individual in our company.


Our partners are our dream team. These third-party individuals and suppliers are carefully chosen to support our purpose and facilitate our work.

Our clients are our raison d'être. We exist to serve them through delivering custom-made, state of the art IT solutions. We live to WOW our clients and always seek to exceed their expectations.

Our employees are our biggest asset.

Our society is our essential responsibility. We are who we are due to society and it is our duty to return back thorough various donations, sponsorship and engagements in civil activities.

Our state is our moral and ethical duty. We are committed to transparent fiscal policy and diligent compliance with laws that govern private economy.

Our planet is our home. The tiniest step contributes to the global goal of safeguarding our mother Earth and so we do every little thing to protect the environment while doing business. That includes paperless office, energy saving policy, supporting green projects.


Our clients are our raison d'être.

Based in the heart of Europe, city of Ljubljana, we are a team of 50 engineers and growing.

20 Years

In business and serving clients


Engineers and growing

7 Years

Average employee retention

15 Years

Longest serving client
Vojko Kercan
Managing Director

Vojko Kercan

Emilija Kercan
Operations Director

Emilija Kercan


The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Social Fund.

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Dhimahi d.o.o., Hrvaška ulica 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

We are based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Our offices are situated 10 minute drive from city centre and 20 minutes from Ljubljana's International airport. Get Directions on Google Maps